Dinoboom puzzles

Dinoboom Puzzles is an educational game mainly for kids from 2 to 7 years old but is suitable for all ages. Our game introduces your kid to the exciting world of dinosaurs. It is a cheerful and colorful puzzle game designed to inspire further education and creativity.

  • We hoped to find looks that, as we feel, were the most suitable for toddlers and presented the sharp-toothed dinosaurs in a cute and cheerful manner.
  • We paid attention to each character and worked on them with extra creativity and love ^__^
  • We tried to include the most diverse, famous and recognizable dinosaurs like Triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, etc.
  • Game progress is designed as a map of traveling through the prehistoric world.
  • There are also four bonus levels that show dinosaurs in a more natural habitat.